Nadia El-Dasher is a yoga teacher, producer, wife, daughter and mama to Lucy the cat and Shokolatta the dog. She started a physical yoga practice at 13 due to chronic back pain (which she later found was caused by scoliosis) but only fell in love with yoga several years later when she took up meditation.  Both practices hugely influence her classes which she approaches from a place of inquiry and mindfulness. She incorporates her knowledge of anatomy, myofascial release, aromatherapy and body energetics into her active and restorative classes. These range from dynamic, playful and well-structured to deeply soothing and introspective - always with the purpose of helping you find balance through both movement and stillness. Nadia is incredibly grateful to her teachers Rodney Yee, Lara Heimann, Joyce Englander-Levy and Susan Orem for sharing their knowledge of this transformative practice.

She currently lives in Cairo, Egypt where she teaches, writes and works on creative consulting. She's also a co-founder and producer at SNAP14.

She teaches at Osana Family Wellness, and The Breathing Room in Cairo and leads retreats throughout Egypt.


MONDAY 4:30pm- Yin/Yang @ Osana Family Wellness

TUESDAY 6:30pm- Vinyasa @ The Breathing Room

WEDNESDAY 7:15pm- Yin/Yang @ Osana Family Wellness

FRIDAY 5:30pm Restorative Yoga @ Osana Family Wellness


THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14 from 6:00-8:00pm

Valentine's Day Couples Yoga with Nicolas & Nadia @ Osana Family Wellness

Try something new this Valentine’s Day and explore a wonderful sense of play and union through partner yoga.

Join Nadia El-Dasher and Nicolas Gallois for a workshop that combines therapeutic Acroyoga (AY) with the Urban Zen restorative yoga method. The workshops will begin with Nicolas leading Acro Therapeutics - a real treatment blending yoga and ayurvedic wisdom with modern discoveries. In the globally celebrated AY teaching method , you will learn a sequence of Thai massage as well as therapeutic flying - the safest place to plant the seeds of acrobatic technique with low risk.

Following this, Nadia will transition you into juicy, supported restorative yoga poses - layering in Reiki energy therapy, aromatherapy, breathing exercises and body scan awareness techniques.

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